I traded my couch for a bicycle.

This year, I traded my sofa for a bicycle. And not just any bike (a graphic designer can’t do anything simply)…. I am now the proud owner of a matte black Rat Rod Electra, detailed with white and red flames and funky little dice for valve covers on the tires. This bike makes me swoon.
How the trade came about is a long story and not very interesting, but the end result feels symbolic of trading in passiveness for an active lifestyle.

And it’s about time…

I held an in-house designer position with a transportation consulting firm for my first three years in Denver. We believed in making life better through sustainable modes and exposing people to commuting options beyond driving alone in gas guzzlers. I developed many maps, posters, postcards, icons, vehicle wraps, and bicycle graphics that promoted our programs. Terminology like “bike rodeo”, “vanpooling”, and “telework” peppered my vocabulary. My designs certainly “talked the talk”, but during my leisure time, I still drove everywhere. But now… I’m finally on board. As I scheme to work it into my lifestyle, it’s satisfying to be actively “walking the walk”…. or should I say “peddling the bike”? (Groan. Sorry.)

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